What Is a Dash Cam and Why You Need It in Your Car

A dashboard camera, or simply a dash cam or a DVR, is a gadget that should be installed in every car. This article from Great Car Tech will describe why every car owner needs a dash cam, how much it can cost, and how to choose the most suitable option for your vehicle.

This device allows you to continuously record what is happening on the road. Video recording can become a useful argument in resolving various controversial circumstances, such as violations of traffic rules, road accidents, theft and vandalism, and other disputable situations.

Besides, it is also an excellent means of entertainment: you can always shoot some funny incidents, a column of bikers, an elk, a cow or even a meteorite! Moreover, this equipment can be used as a means of recording your travels and video blogging. Recently, more and more traveling motorists record their journeys with the help of a dash cam.

How much is a dash cam? The price depends on the brand and available options, but as a rule, the most popular consumer dash cams cost within the $60 to $150 range, though some can cost even $30. Professional-grade dash cams start at around $80, and might cost as much as $500.

The choice of a car DVR depends on many factors: the place for installation, the quality of video recording, additional functions, hardware compatibility, and much more. You need to study ​​the entire range of products on the market for devices of this type before making your choice.

This gadget should be equipped not only with a powerful camera that eliminates noise, glare, and vibrations, and can shoot in the dark, but also should include a motion sensor, speed sensor and a G-sensor that reacts to shocks.

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