Tips For Safe Car Travel With Dogs

There are many devices for the comfortable and safe transportation of dogs in a car: if the pet is comfortable and calm, it will not interfere with the driver and passengers. Great Car Tech would like to share some tips that will be useful for everyone who travels by car with a dog.

Safety items

Depending on the size of the dog, it may be more convenient to use a cage, a carrier, a hammock or a cover, as well as a bedding in the trunk without a shelf overhead so that the pet can see the owner. A carrier or a harness (but not a collar) put on the dog can be fastened to the seatbelt so that in case of a violent maneuver the pet does not fall or drop to the driver’s lap. It is better to use a special seatbelt for dogs, like this Dog Car Seatbelt Set (2pcs).

Feeding and drinking

It is not recommended to feed the dog before the trip — pets will feel less sick when hungry. But you should take your favorite treat and, if possible, your dog’s favorite toy with you: it will calm your dog down just lying next to it. And be sure to take water in the Portable Pet Water Bottle so that the pet does not overheat due to stress and can drink during stops. 

Other essentials

Put together a first aid kit with the tick remover, scissors, tweezers, an absorbent gel, wound healing ointment, cotton swabs and discs, anti-allergy treatment, and a sedative. Otherwise, you can use a ready 19pc Pet First Aid Travel Kit that includes everything you may need.

When traveling with your dog, remember to make stops in quiet places for the pet to run and play. Then your friend will not perceive the trip as torture and can willingly accompany you. And if you need products for the dog in a car, you can always get them on

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