5 Amazing Car Cleaning Hacks

We all know how much a car can get messy and dirty throughout the time of use, and it’s always time-consuming to clean it up. In this article, you will find out how to keep your car tidier and how to clean it more efficiently!

Grab some cupcake liners

While cup holders are the absolute must-haves in a car, they tend to get dirty pretty soon from all the spillages. And if you keep soda or other sweet drinks there… well, it will be very difficult to scrub off all the sticky sugar. However, if you place some cupcake liners on the bottom, you can save your cup holders! It’s way easier to clean the liners, and in the worst case, you can just replace them with new ones.

Find new purposes for toothpaste

Toothpaste is effective not only for our teeth, but also for cleaning car headlights! Grab an old toothbrush and polish the headlights with the toothpaste – you will see how shiny they will get afterwards!

No garbage bin? Use a container!

We always recommend getting a waste bin for your car, but if your order hasn’t been delivered yet or you don’t want to spend money, just get a regular food container! You can also put small plastic bags in it for less mess, and these bags you can keep in an old tissue box.

Use paint brush for dusting

Your kid loves painting, or you have some brushes left from renovations? Use them to do some dusting in the car! The brushes will be especially useful for cleaning the vents.

Lint roller for pet hair

Love travelling with your dog but don’t have a Dog Car Seat Cover yet? Clean off the hair from the seats with a regular lint roller that you use for your clothes!

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