3 Easy Tips on Car Space Organization

A problem that all car owners face – lack of space for storage in the interior. You may drive a sedan, you may drive a hatchback, the issue remains the same: car manufacturers don’t give us enough space. Instead of switching to a bigger car and hoping that all your problems will be solved, try out our organization tips and see if you still need it!

Store small frequently used items in front

You need to keep your wallet, keys, IDs, phone, and even your drink easily accessible and observable so that you could grab them in a second. This is why you need to store them on either the front panel or central console. Your phone should definitely be on the front panel – it gives a good observation angle for checking notifications or maps. There are plenty of great phone holders for this matter, some of them even include wireless charging!

As for other items, the best option would be to put them in an organizer at the central console. You can do so with this Multifunctional Car Seat Organizer or with an armrest console.

Keep the waste in check

There are many occasions when we have some waste in the car and no opportunity to get rid of it. It creates a mess and takes a lot of storage space. Consider how much waste you usually get and choose a special car bin accordingly!

Put away the rest in the back

Some snacks and drinks for the road trip, childcare items, hygiene products, and so on – these should go in the back area. But don’t just pile them on the backseat, get some organizers for them as well! We recommend this Car Back Seat Organizer for its many pockets and compartments, but you can also use your old shoe organizer for the same purpose!

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